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  • Cutting-edge
    Aviation Technologies
  • Innovations in
    Meteorogical Support
  • Improvement of Air Traffic
    Control Technologies
  • Prospective Flight
    Safety Systems
IANS has obtained a permanent observer status in Coordination Council Eurasia

IANS has obtained a permanent observer status in Coordination Council Eurasia The 36th joint meeting of Coordination Council (CC) and Coordination Group of Experts (CGE) Eurasia took place in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, from 23 to 26 April 2019.  More than 50 representatives attended the meeting.

BANS Took Part in HeliRussia 2018

From May 24 to May 26, 2018, the XI International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2018 was held at Crocus Expo, Moscow, where BANS exhibited its prototype of the helicopter onboard situational awareness system for helicopter crews (BSSO-B) for the first time.

IANS Took Part in ICAO PT/EAST and CIS ICH WG-4 Joint Meeting

Form March 31 to April 3 ICAO PT/EAST project team and CIS Interstate Council for Hydrometeorology Working Group-4 held a joint meeting attended by aviation meteorology experts from the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova.

Christopher Keohan, Regional Officer for Meteorology of ICAO European and North Atlantic Office, made a report on current meteorological service issues in the international air navigation.

The session allowed reviewing competence assessment for aviation meteorological personnel, as well as implementation of WMO and ICAO standards and recommendations in aviation meteorology.

The participants expressed keen interest in new technologies of meteorological service. IANS specialists reported on these issues as well, entailing an active discussion on various proposals for comprehensive development of meteorological equipment and weather radar complex for aerodrome area in particular. M. Kanevsky, IANS CEO, delivered his contribution on the subject.

With a view to practical acquaintance with the workings, IANS deployed its mobile integrated meteorological complex, which aroused lively interest from on the part of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and Sochi Aviation Meteorological Station representative.

The meeting was concluded with a tour to Sochi airport, where various issues of meteorological observations were discussed.

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  • слайд 9 УКДП EN

    Our projects:

    Remote Video
    Surveillance System

  • слайд 1 лидар EN

    Our projects:

    Low Level Wind
    Shear Alerting System

  • Слайд 12 mtp-5 EN

    Our projects:


  • Слайд 13 Линго EN

    Our projects:


  • Слайд 14 полином EN

    Our projects:

    Multiposition Airfield
    Surveillance Radar
    System "Polinom"

  • слайд 4 UAMS EN

    Our projects:

    Automated Weather
    Observing System

  • слайд 5 вихри EN

    Our projects:

    Wake Vortex
    Flight Safety System

  • Слайд 8 Монокль EN

    Our projects:

    Meteorological Radar
    Station "Monocle"

  • Слайд 9 Пума-с EN

    Our projects:

    Onboard Satellite
    Unit "Puma-S"

  • Слайд 10 Виртуоз EN

    Our projects:

    Visualizaton &
    traffic control
    system "Virtuos"

  • слайд 11 сварог EN

    Our projects:

    Meteo Complex